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Flitting between today & yesterday

by Kt

Back in Tuvunnunu, we went out for the day with Rafa and Johnny on a little excursion. We started at the international date line. It was basically a beaten up old sign at the bottom of the island's rugby pitch. We went all Marty McFly and jumped between yesterday and today - cheesy but had to be done!!
We then went to the natural water slide. We had to trek through the jungle a little - only 5/10 minutes but it was scorching so was a killer. We reached this mad place, where up on a slope, in the distance, was a small waterfall and basically the water came down from there to reach a small pond at the base. We climbed our way up, about half way - apparently you can go to the very top where there's been more rain and it's fuller - but this was good enough for some serious sliding fun! You basically sat in the middle of a kind of long half pipe that has been carved out of the rock over the years, by the flow of water. You let go and zoom down into a pool at the bottom. It really was the MOST fun thing ever. We were literally like kids - going 'again, again' as soon as we'd done it each time. I can't imagine ever getting bored doing that. There was another 2 levels on the way down where you could do the same.
The water was very cold which was lovely in the heat and it's so clear and pure.
The local kids jumped into the not so deep pools from up high and most impressively, they kind of skiied down the waterslide, stood up, sliding on their feet. God knows how, but was so cool, like walking on water. 

Afterwards we made our way back to Tuvununu, which took forever as it was by way of the post office, the place to get drums of diesel, town for the ATM(theres only 1 on the island) and the supermarket, with various other random stops for chats and who knows what else. Basically, whenever you go out anywhere with people in Fiji there is always a bunch of diversions and random stops. Mark, having been out diving for 2 days has met half the island from going here there and everywhere. It's just the Fijan way and is just quite funny, but at first it's odd to get used to, you're just baffled as to what is going on. Once you get used to it, you expect everything to take twice as long and you just go with the flow and take the opportunity to have a nose around wherever you are.


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