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So, should I tell Mark....

by Kt

... about the massive spider which just entered the room. He is asleep by the way.
We are hauled up in our room as the weather is rather atrocious today.
He has drifted off, after an hour or 2 ready - it really is a hard life here - and so he missed the visitor who just scampered in through the door frame.
We are used to sharing this room. We have at least 6 lizards living with us who we see from time to time - mostly at around 6am when they seem to like to venture out for some reason. They are noisy little blighters too. I didn't think lizards made noise - do all of them do that? I'm sure have never noticed it other countries. Anyhow, these ones do - a rather loud squeaking noise, rather like guinea pigs. So you always know when they are around, even when you can't see them. I have actually found myself talking to these little fellas quite a lot and have grown rather fond.
But having a new visitor so late in our stay, I'm not sure how I feel about him. He is most welcome if he gets at the one or two mosquitos we seem to have inadvertently let in. Mosquitos are very much becoming my nemesis. And I have the scars to prove it.
He is rather big though, and I'm not sure, with the light off, if I want to hear him scampering around with the possibility of scampering over my head.
And should I alert Mark to his presence? He's not scared of spiders as such, but pre trip he became slightly obsessed with the size of the huntsman spiders in Australia, so I think he has more of aversion to them than he's let on in the past. So is he better off not knowing?

Mmm - since beginning writing this I have actually lost him (the spider, not Mark, rest assured, he's still here, snoring away), so I guess it's probably not worth mentioning. He may have left of his own accord after all. Yes, that's what I'll tell myself and will just hope that the visitor doesn't introduce himself in the depth of night!!!

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