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We've come full circle in Fiji

By Kt

back in Nadi bay (pronounced Nandi btw - that confused us for a while). Last time we were here, after marathon flights from uk, we slept for about 20 hours, so hopefully we'll make a little more of it this time. We are in a cheap backpackers with a fancier place next door where we spent the first evening. Saw a sea plane land and watched some more big ass bats doing their thing. Quite fascinated by sea planes, don't know why, maybe it was watching the Disney club 'Tailspin' years ago - anyone remember that?
Can't believe we are gonna be out of here soon. Looking forward to New Zealand, well I am at least - Mark doesn't want to leave Fiji ever!


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Tsulu - next destination not so nice

By Kt

Well I kind of suspected, having experienced 'out of the way' Fiji and also, having gone past it on the way to Suva a few weeks back, that I wouldn't like backpackers much. I was right, it is attached to a touristy place called the arts village where they do these cheesy tribal 'shows'. The building was obviously impressive when it was built but since then, prob 15/20 years ago, they've not bothered to look after it in any way. There were very few people staying even though it's big. Biggest advantage was the aircon in our room - that was heaven. Also we would have been sharing a living room with balcony, kitchen and bathroom, with another bedroom but that was always empty so we had apartment to ourselves. After copping out on first night and eating at the American style blues restaurant (although to be fair it was that or another western style place - nothing Fijian on offer at night), we then decided to save money and make a nice change of doing some cooking. The choices in the supermarket and the interesting cooking facilities were going to make it experimental. If only there had been a hob - I had to do everything in this odd plug in frying pan thing. Managed to make pasta without blowing up - although I'd have preferred that the plug socket didn't light up behind, whenever switching on or off. Still, we have managed a couple of interesting 'feasts'! 
I think main reason of not liking Tsulu is that it seems to be an expat area. There are lots of new villas and estates with western expats who want to be in Fiji but don't want it to be that different from home. Much the same as you get in Spain and everywhere else lovely in the world. It's not a bad thing and I'm sure there will be fair few times on our travels when we'll seek such places for some kind of respite, but it kinda feels odd and un-necessary here. The off shoot is that it's not such a happy place. I think the management of the hostel discourages staff having fun or helping anyone. Bad vibes man!!
The main reason we ended up hanging around here so long was so  the scabby donkey that is Mark, could heal. Having scraped himself on coral back in Maqai and not dealt with it properly or at all (*directs womanly glare in his direction*), he has 2 legs full of infected wounds which, look away if you are squeamish, were puss filled, weeping and generally gross. He ended up going to the lovely lady doc here (who calls him Mr Mark), who gave him antibiotics, cream and painkillers as well as, and (now this cheered me up no end) a big, old fashioned needle in his bum!! ;) So, he's needed to stay off his feet and keep fairly sterile, so this place has done the job, but we cannot wait to get out of here!! We are getting a bus at around 4 which gets into Nandi airport 7ish. Mark luckily phoned our new hostel to check a couple of things only to learn they have no record of our booking. With no Internet available - wifi been down since we've been here and reckon is permanently down and the Internet cafe closed today (think they must be Seventh Day Evangelists, whatever that is but we've come across that a fair few times where stuff open Sundays but not Saturdays).
And as the hostel doesnt help you with anything so Marks been all over to get voucher for pay phone to sort us out. Luckily I had looked at a fair few places, so had a list of places to try, one of once came up trumps and is a bargain. Really will be glad to see the back of this place to be honest. 



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Leaving Tuvunnu

by Kt

2nd jan - leavin Tuvununu 

Nice to be back for even a short time but saying goodbye was v sad - such a small place, that you knew everyone pretty well. 

The morning we left, who should turn up on his way over to Maqai, but the guy, Kim who, for anyone who read early Tuvununu blogs, is the one with the charming c-word Tshirt, that he wore when we had the church carol singers. Meg had told us that, being Danish, he didnt understand how offensive it was, but I wasnt convinced. That was until he turned up wearing it with his mother and her friend, both, lovely, straight-laced ladies in their 60s, at least.. So clearly none of em have any idea how offensive it was. Did cringe a bit as we had an American couple with us, who had 3 kids - but oh well!

The American family had just moved to Suva (I think he may have worked at the embassy) and the kids were quite funny smart arses! The night before, the new year water throwing had continued much to their delight and having been told not to do it inside, they prowled around the decking, desperate for someone to set foot outside. The funniest thing was that the dad, really looked like Barrack Obama. It was really disconcerting. Even his mannerisms and voice were similar.

We shared a long delay with them when we finally went to the islands airport. The plane was incy, which I very much enjoyed, whilst Mark, not so much!! An hour later we touched down is Suva, feeling very pleased we hadn't endured to 18 hours back by ferry.

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Maqai (New Years Day)

By Kt

So, we managed to stay up until midnight, in fact we went to bed at 4. Lots of beer, rum from water pistols, cava and being soaked by water. It was basically a big, messy, fun night.
Our only horror was to discover that tradition also dictates dragging people out of bed the next morning and throwing water on them. We had a knock on our door at about 8.30 which we ignored for about 15 minute until we realised they weren't going away. Mark got up and was lead down to the sea to get soaked. The girls came into to tell me that everyone had been 'got' and that I'd be on the list and prob couldn't avoid it. Mark came back and went back to bed. When the 2nd knock came 20 mins later I accepted it was my turn - put on my swimming stuff, sarong and sunglasses, wentbout and allowed the girls to throw 2 buckets if water over me - they did it so charmingly, I had to let then off! They then lead me down to breakfast where I, drenched to the bone, nursed a cup of tea and dobbed Mark into the boys, telling them he'd gone back to bed. So they went off to get him up and drench him again - ha ha!!

The initial water covering is actually quite refreshing and wakes you up, but about an hour later our hangovers came back and we spent most of new years day in various places laying around. 
We got laughed at by everyone because shortly after dinner, about 9pm, we sloped off to bed - first to give in. But we have since learned everyone else followed soon after.
A sober and early night and next day we were getting to boat to Tuvununu, which felt a bit like going home, so it wasn't too sad to leave Maqai - but sad to leave some more lovely people.

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Maqai day 3 (31st dec)

By Kt

Well the beer crisis was averted when someone was going to the main island and offered to get us some more. Phew! I know you must all be pleased for us and were quite possibly on the edge of your seats.
We are well stocked for tonights activites thank goodness. 
Apparently in Fiji the tradition is to throw water over each other new years eve - we are ready and prepared!

Last few days have been lovely - there's a gentle breeze from the ocean which makes it a bit cooler here. We've come to have met some really nice people - staff and guests.  There's a group of 10 from Australia, the adults being various couples and brothers and sisters, then four kids, two boys around 10 and then two girls around 12. They were such nice, well adjusted kids and the boys kept us amused with the hermit crabs they'd collected and 'raced' and with card tricks. They were pretty good - give em a couple of years and they could do some good sharking. One of the families had just finished a year long trip around Oz so we were picking up tips (and getting quite concerned about wild dogs - dingos breeding with alsations - gulp!).

So what else has happened? Well I had to capture a big old spider in our room coz Mark was too scared - big girls blouse!!  

We've basically had our own stretch of beach to ourselves whenever we've popped down to the sea. Is gorgeous but u do need to be careful of the tides because you can scratch or cut yourself on the reef.

Tonight we are having a Lovo, where they cook chicken and fish under ground - always lovely and we were very excited to see a big bag of crabs in the kitchen. Not sure we've got much enthusiasm to stay up until 12 but am sure we'll manage with some beer for encouragement.

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